Christian Loos

Freelance Software Developer

Born in 1979 in Marburg, I've always been passionate about computers and developing software. Started developing on my beloved C64 computer using BASIC programming language with the age of 9 when other kids were enjoying the sun outside.

Later continued on an Atari ST using GFA Basic before I switched to a 386 PC, an insanely capable machine in comparison with a whopping 40Mhz, where I first got in contact with the C programming language and was hooked.

These days I am working as a freelance software developer at day and I create realtime computer graphics short films at night. Always looking for new opportunities and interesting projects.

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computer science

university for applied sciences giessen

Graduated with Diploma in September 2007. Thesis about voice over IP application Shockvoice for online gamers.


Working as tools programmer for Mantis Vision. Using C++, the Qt framework and OpenGL for recording, editing and playback of 3d point cloud and mesh data.

software developer

freelancer 2016-

software developer

inosoft ag 2007-2016

Worked for 8 years for a local software company. During that time I worked mostly with C# and Java developing web applications and Sharepoint solutions. During that time I was also working for customers Deutsche Bank and Sanofi (see below) on premise.

Development of a Java based risk assessment system using Hibernate, JSF and Spring frameworks

software developer

deutsche bank 2011-2015


sanofi-aventis 2008-2010

Working with Documentum document management system and developing tools to help with migration of documents.


Been using these during my current assignment at Mantis Vision but also for many years before at Brain Control demoscene group. We've been developing more than a couple of award winning 64kb sized executable CGI videos. See them here

These were used extensively at my projects at Deutsche Bank.

My software Shockvoice, which I wrote my thesis about was heavily based on C# and .NET technologies. Also worked quite extensively with the open source implementation Mono

Currently I am working on a couple of projects in JavaScript which make use of Express.JS, Sequelize and MySQL as DBMS. Among those is a web application for management of airplanes, bookings and members for KVfL, out local flying club.

HTML5 and CSS3 is in the core of many of my projects and among my most favorite technologies because of their sheer power and flexibility.

Not been using these much lately, I kindof moved on. I still adore PHP though for the ease of getting things up and running.

Most of my projects require a DBMS in the background. These are the ones I am most comfortable with, although not the only ones I worked with.